What our clients have to say about us.

BRUCE DEVAN – Producer, Kingdom of Heaven, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – “Having worked with Ray developing and producing a feature film (Faded Memories), I can honestly say that he and his team have what it takes to bring a project together. In an industry where the words “on time, on budget” are rarely a reality, Ray’s knowledge, experience, and dedication to his work give those words meaning again. I would not hesitate to recommend Ray’s group (MPMG) to anyone seeking a reliable, hard-working [company] to develop and produce their next feature film.”

GREG P. – “Over the past decade, we have been involved in numerous production, finance, and distribution deals for our various projects. After a few wonderful, in-depth, and substantive discussions with Ray Ellingsen, we made the great decision to sign with MPMG. Through these discussions, we found a proven structure that leads to a tremendously clear path to getting our projects made. It has been an absolute delight to work with MPMG. Ray and I speak very regularly, and he always makes himself available for me even though he is extremely busy. MPMG’s relationships with forward-thinking, pioneers in the industry who have come on board our films have made this process even more enjoyable. To anyone hesitating on working with MPMG, I would say that you should 100% sign on with them as they have the highest endorsement that I can give. It will be one of the best decisions that you make for your career and company.”

MELINDA D. – “I took my time signing with MPMG because I wanted to be sure I was in good hands and that the information, expertise and access I needed MPMG could provide. As I go through the development process, I’ve found everything to be as advertised. MPMG means what it says and delivers on its promises.“

CASEY L. – “Choosing development partners on your project is a very important decision in your creative process, and a necessary one. MPMG has worked tirelessly to provide not only required products but also advice and guidance when needed. Ray, Jeffrey, Ron, Vanessa, and Rene have been very giving of their time and effort toward my project. It is truly amazing to see so many people working hard to bring a project to life. Communication, which is key, has been clear and uninterrupted. As we move into the funding stage, I look forward to continuing our relationship as production partners.” 

DAVID S. & MARGIE B. – “MPMG is exactly who we needed to move forward with our film project. Their knowledge is unsurpassed, and they keep us encouraged and on track. Vanessa keeps us updated every step of the way. It’s so exciting to see how MPMG works, leaving no stone unturned to assemble your film package. Ray does everything with the filmmaker in mind, to ensure maximum success. We’re looking forward to working with him and MPMG on our other projects.”

JOE S. – “To all of the independent filmmakers who are tired of suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous development misfortune: You will find only professionalism and transparency at MPMG. It will take some getting used to; however, I can assure you that the complete lack of skullduggery is quite agreeable…dare I call it preferable, to the bloody battle. Literary silliness aside, many independent writer/producer/directors simply lack the relationships and resources to facilitate an affordable and successful development process; one that terminates with analytics, financing, distribution and marketing, all in-place prior to launching pre-production. Even qualified indie producers likely couldn’t compete with MPMG’s established rates with their many vendors and service providers, especially on a single-project basis. If you seek a glitch-free, professionally managed, soup-to-nuts development deal, get in touch with the fine folks at MPMG and get your film made…heck, why not do what I did and get TWO into development?!” 

WAIN B. – “Before signing with MPMG, as a filmmaker, I had spent time and money trying to package and sell my film with little success. Since I teamed with MPMG, working with them has moved my project to a possible national/international release. The amazing commitment to the film by all the staff has given me a clear path to not only funding and producing my film but also leveraging their contacts to increase the chance for real box office success. I hope to partner with MPMG on all my future projects and I would greatly encourage filmmakers and anyone serious about the film business to give them a call.”

CEDRIC M. – “I started working with Ray Ellingsen and MPMG in 2008. What makes MPMG unique is their honesty, integrity, loyalty and work ethic. I’ve received many hours of consultation over the years, as we’ve developed a few projects together. MPMG’s immense network of business professionals helps them move faster on certain opportunities a lot faster than I ever could on my own. In the past, I’ve talked to many “Hollywood producers” but none could back up their claims with actual results; MPMG has far exceeded my expectations time and time again. Simply put, I trust them.”


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