NOTE: you should assemble a REQUIRED copy of your copyright granting from, a pdf of your script, and a pdf of your synopsis prior to filling this out.

The following questions are for the purposes of determining how best Moving Pictures Media Group may be able to assist any potential clients in getting their projects realized. All information gathered here is considered confidential, and will not be shared with any third parties without prior consent.

Our goal is to provide suggestions and solutions for our clients so that they can meet the requirements for capital funding and production of their project. MPMG does not finance film projects. We do however, have numerous resources to develop and package projects professionally and properly so that they can be submitted for development funding, and/or capital funding.

While MPMG, in some cases, will agree to co-produce projects with clients and assist in raising necessary capital, such arrangements will be determined on a project by project basis, and if mutually agreed to, a separate formal Agreement will be created between the parties.

This questionnaire is not an offer of partnership, or a commitment by MPMG to any party. Please answer as completely as possible.

All fields are required. If information is not yet available please input N/A.

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