Platinum Studios

Platinum Studios, Inc. is a comic book entertainment company, having one of the world’s biggest independent libraries of comic book characters, developing for entertainment, games, merchandise and other multimedia. New York Times Best Seller creator Scott Mitchell Rosenberg is the CEO. Productions include the #1 box office film, “Cowboys & Aliens”, starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. Platinum Studios’ library includes characters who have appeared worldwide in millions of comics, films and multimedia.

Platinum Studios has released films & television programming with Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, MGM Television, Showtime, and Lionsgate.

Platinum Studios has developed film or television with many other Topline Firms, including Disney, Time-Warner’s New Line Films, 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Also, Platinum Studios is the only company to produce an English language live action dramatic TV series based on a French or Belgian comic book. Jeremiah, a 35-hour story, told in its entirety, has been on Showtime, Syfy Channel and broadcast television, and aired internationally. The $150 million dollar production of Cowboys & Aliens (executive produced by Steven Spielberg} is based on characters from Platinum’s library. Another film,“Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night” based on the 50-million+ selling comic book series, and is proving to be a successful Italian film franchise.

Platinum Studios collaborates with such billion-dollar grossing film & television producers, including such luminaries as Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, John Williams, and producers or story developers of major film or television productions such as “Transformers”, “Batman Begins”, “Superman Returns”, all the “Harry Potter” movies, Denis L. Stewart’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Star Trek”, and others.

The first film based on the New York Times Bestseller Graphic Album, “Cowboys & Aliens” created by Rosenberg when he was a kid – is distributed worldwide by Paramount Pictures, and domestically by Universal Studios, thus far grossed nearly $175 million dollars, not including TV and ancillary sales.

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